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Planning & Consulting

Activities are carried out on planning studies of all scales and qualities that fall into the field of planning. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, public institutions and organizations, all municipalities and real and legal persons are provided with services in planning, design, project and consultancy.

Preparation of architectural and engineering projects for immovables that have become zoned lands after the zoning of an unzoned land, the production of the current map, the preparation of the geological-geotechnical study report based on the zoning plan and the approval of the zoning plans, providing information and consultancy on the zoning status of the zoning and non-zoned areas that are considered to be evaluated in the future , property and market research for a new investment, coastal, energy, tourism, etc. Studies are continuing in areas such as preparing all necessary analyzes and reports in the feasibility process for investments. General Plans: It includes Environmental Plan, Master and Implementation Zoning Plan, Regional Development Plans, Long Term Development Plan, Additional Zoning Plan, Revision Zoning Plan and Change of Zoning Plan.

Special Purpose Plans: It includes Coastal Buildings Zoning Plans, Conservation Zoning Plans, Tourism Zone Plans, Special Environmental Protection Area Plan, Mass Housing Plans, Industrial Area Plans, Public Institution Area Plans, Military Area Plans, Transportation Plans and Urban Design Projects.

Zoning and Investment Consultancy Services: Consist of Zoning, Urban Transformation, Project and Investment Consultancy, Determination of Zoning Status, Land Development, Property Research, Technical Consultancy Services for Coastal Investments and Solar Energy - Wind Energy - Hydroelectric Power Plants Project and Investment Management.

Whole Project Construction: Existing Map Making, Geological-Geotechnical Studies Based on Zoning Plan, Zoning Application, Parceling-Allotment-Consolidation Procedures, Architectural Preliminary Project and Application Projects.