Cesme Landscape - Landscape Cesme


Cesme Landscape is the view formed by natural and cultural assets that can enter the frame of view when viewed from a point. From this perspective, the world we live in means a reflection of what we feel, from the paving stone to the playground, to the creek where we take a nature walk, to the placement of the works in the garden of a museum, to the landscaping of a multi-storey building, to the garden and color of our house.

Fountain landscape type, which is frequently seen today, is afforestation, grassing, flowering, lighting, hiding concrete piles that cannot be removed, and making seating areas, which are gifts offered to people and nature by urban transformation projects. It is nice that the beauty of nature is organized in a different way and presented to us, the most important asset of the world; just like a painting where green, blue, purple, yellow and red dance.

As Aktolun Group fountain landscape company, we design our fountain landscape applications in line with your wishes and expectations in order to create the landscape areas of your dreams, within the framework of natural, structural, cultural and scientific data, in line with the principles of resource conservation and economy, within the framework of aesthetic rules and we implement these projects.