Çeşme Photocell Door Systems - Photocell Door Systems Çeşme

Photocell Door Systems

Izmir Cesme Automatic Door

Çeşme automatic door is used in prestigious entrances and in areas where width and opening is desired.

Fountain photocell oval automatic door is recommended for stylish appearance in hotels, banks and offices. Thanks to their circular shape formats, they can easily adapt to oval building structures and oval entrances of different shapes.

Cesme Hermatic Door

Aktolun Group hermatic door sound insulation and isolation is used in quarantine rooms designed for entrances in specially ventilated environments, special food rooms, operating room doors, laboratory radiology imaging centers and rooms where sound insulation is required to provide full insulation by increasing air tightness.

Hormetic door mechanism and wing design are used in completely sterile environments, on smooth surfaces that do not hold dust and do not contain bacteria. Our Hormetic doors are available in stainless steel (chrome), aluminum compact laminated and glass alternatives.

Telescopic Photocell Doors

Aktolun Group telescopic fountain photocell doors are preferred in narrow entrance areas to provide more passage space.

In particular, the transition distance used provides maximum transition area thanks to the single-wing, fixed and overlapping three-wing feature or two-wing fixed and four-wing movement.