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We continue to serve our valued customers with our expert staff, quality equipment, professional workmanship and experience in Cesme gypsum plaster and paint works. Our company, which we prioritize trust and customer satisfaction, has been growing and developing since its establishment.

With our Painter team in Cesme Paint Whitewashing works, our company, which is now stamped with the expertise and experience gained over the years and with the confidence of growing in the business, is now the most successful in the sector in the fountain paint, whitewash and plaster renovation works, which is now stamped with the perfect works, and garnering appreciation and congratulations with the application tactics most suitable for you and places. succeeded in becoming one of their businesses. Our team of painters Our company, which has prepared the ground for more perfect results by sharing its experience and foresight with the business owners and providing consultancy services on paint and material selection, continues on its way by adding experience to its glory by doing the best and most beautiful of everything it does. When you notify our painters for your free survey work, we make free surveys on the same day, always being honest with the customer, and if we say yes to the customer, if we feel comfortable with the work we do, we call you delivery. Various Paint Jobs are available.

Our team, which does your paint and other renovation works with masters of their job and expert paint and whitewash plaster masters, and finishes their work in the shortest time without wasting materials and time thanks to their experience and knowledge, they only change the unpleasant structure of the spaces, which is the most important expert detail of the paint whitewash sector. Our team of master painters and whitewashing works that add beauty and elegance to your spaces and have thousands of references always work for the best service.

Cesme Gypsum Plaster Brick, concrete, exposed concrete, gas concrete, etc. It is a bagged gypsum-based ready-made plaster that can be applied directly on materials. Cesme It eliminates the distinction between coarse plaster and fine plaster. Since it is a breathing material, it creates a healthy environment by balancing the humidity. It can be used easily in environments with high humidity. It is a non-combustible material. It has fire retardant properties due to the water it contains. It does not form mold, bacteria and fungus. Plaster is Economical. Compared to coarse and fine plaster made with cement, sand, lime, the use of plaster costs 20% less. It provides perhaps the most important contribution to the economy of construction by accelerating the construction by drying quickly. When the flammability class of building materials is examined, gypsum is in group A. In a 120 m² flat, the plaster carried by the surfaces has a fire retardant effect with approximately 1000 liters of water it contains. Gypsum is produced with less energy compared to other construction materials; While 30 Lt of fuel oil is needed to produce 1 ton of gypsum, twice as much is needed to produce 1 ton of brick, and five times that to 1 ton of cement. Plaster is light. If an apartment with 10 floors and 40 apartments is plastered with gypsum plaster, its weight will be 450 tons lighter.

Earthquake assurance to be obtained by the lightening of the building load will be an advantage in itself for gypsum plastered buildings. Plaster is Natural Air Conditioner. Plaster has microscopic voids, it allows the walls to heat up immediately when you light your stove. It keeps your room warm in winter and cool in summer. It quickly absorbs the humidity formed indoors and returns it to the environment when the air dries. Many factors affect the machine gypsum plaster price, these are; The city where the construction is located, the m2 to be built, the gauge of the surface on which the machine plaster will be made, etc. affect the price and it is Minimum. Our goal is to provide professional service at the most affordable price in the application of machined gypsum plaster with our staff, and we have delivered flawless works so far.