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Çeşme PVC Window and Çeşme PVC Door Systems are designed for excellence and high performance. Aktolun Group Cesme PVC Window and Door System, which gives priority to simplicity and elegance, fits perfectly with both the architecture and decoration of your spaces. Its warm and soft lines carry the traces of classical and modern style. Aktolun Group PVC Window and Door System adds value to your spaces and increases your comfort and convenience. Since it is designed with excellent insulation, maximum acoustic and safety features in mind, it offers a unique protection suitable for weather conditions that keeps all spaces healthy.

PVC material:

 Since it has a good thermal insulation, it prevents heat losses and saves fuel.
 Due to the chlorine content, the ignition temperature of PVC is high, and when the flame is ignited, it immediately goes out.
 It is lighter compared to aluminum and wood.
 It has sound insulation and prevents noise pollution.
 It provides general and multi-purpose use.
 PVC wastes can be collected and reused like paper and glass wastes.
 It is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.
 With the use of PVC in the manufacture of windows or doors, wood is substituted, reducing tree cutting and protecting forests.


One third of the total energy used in Turkey is consumed in buildings. 30% of heat losses in buildings occur through windows. A great deal of energy savings can be achieved by using the right PVC windows in newly built houses.
The right pvc and the right pvc systems are Aktolun Group Cesme PVC Window and Door Systems.
In today's noisy living spaces, acoustic insulation of spaces is of great importance. Aktolun Group Fountain PVC Window Systems and Fountain PVC Door Systems, with their existing insulation features, the multi-section structure of Aktolun Group PVC Window and Door Systems transforms even areas that require maximum acoustic insulation for places with heavy traffic and very high noise into a perfect living space. .
The windows and doors of Aktolun Group PVC Window and Door Systems stand out with their long life, low maintenance requirement and 100% recyclability and reprocessability at the end of their useful life, as well as creating a healthier environment with their high insulation values.